Frequently Asked Questions

The fee is $360.00, due at the time of registration. A text book is required for the completion of this course, this can be purchased for $20 the 1st day of class.
All cancellations will be assessed a $25.00 administration fee. There are no refunds given with notice less than 72 hours before the 1st day of the session start date.
Classroom and behind the wheel times are set by the session. During registration, you pick the classroom and behind the wheel times that fit your schedule.
Up to two classroom lectures may be rescheduled for alternate dates. There is a $25.00 fee for rescheduling behind the wheel time witin 2 hours of the scheduled time. The reason for the fee is due to Iowa DOT administrative rules that require two students to be present at all times. Rescheduling behind the wheel times impacts instructor availability and driving time for other students. Please understand that if one student cancels their driving time, the second student may also have to reschedule. To reschedule either a classroom lecture or behind the wheel driving, please call us at 515-981-6363.
Simulators are used in ADDITION to classroom education and behind the wheel driving training. Students are still provided with 12 hours of on the road, in vehicle, education. Our state of the art simulators can put the student in driving scenarios that are beneficial to the learning process but due to danger level are impossible to recreate in real life. An example of this is accident scenarios, roadway obstructions, and distracted driving. Drive With Cops, Inc is the ONLY driver education provider in the Des Moines area with simulators!
Yes, our organization is licensed and certified by the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Board of Education. Further, all of our instructors are also licensed to instruct Driver's Education in the State of Iowa.