Our Instructors

All of our behind the wheel educators are active or retired Police Officers. Police Officers are tasked everyday with enforcing traffic law along with investigating motor vehicle crashes.

Traffic law and traffic safety is the focus of every Police Officer.

Police Officers have the unique knowledge of knowing all traffic laws and how they are applied during routine driving. For a teen driver to operate a motor vehicle both legally and safely they need to know all the laws of the road, not just the small amount of law knowledge required for state testing.

Police Officers can pass on their knowledge of motor vehicle crash causations and prepare your driver for emergency situations. Police Officers can provide specific real scenarios and examples of when a poor driving tactic or failure to obey a traffic law resulted in a motor vehicle crash or the issuance of a traffic ticket. These real examples are beneficial in providing up to date education for your young driver.

The Technology We Use

Our educational process utilizes modern technology along with a heavily interactive classroom setting.

Drive With Cops is proud to be the ONLY driver education provider in Iowa to utilize state of the art cockpit style simulators in addition to behind the wheel driving time!

By utilizing simulators we can give the new driver experience with accident situations, roadway obstructions, poor roadway conditions, heavy rain/wind, and the dangers of distracted and impaired driving from the safety of a simulator! There is no substitute for hands on learning but the obvious risks for training is these areas makes it only possible to accomplish by simulators.

Don’t let your new drivers educational experience be limited by other drivers education companies that refuse to invest in simulators to provide the best educational experience!

Are you questioning if your new driver is ready to get behind the wheel?

Contact us to schedule introductory simulator training. Let us put them in the simulator before the car!

Each student is issued a audience response clicker. This clicker allows students to interact with the instructor at all times and provide instant feedback to the instructor and interaction with other students.

We also utilize advanced motor vehicle crash animation software allows the student to view the drivers perspective at complicated intersections and emergency situations.

The vehicles driven by students at Drive With Cops have advanced safety systems. Students will learn about these safety systems and how to operate a motor vehicle in a manner to take full advantage of these systems.The vehicles driven by students at Drive With Cops have advanced safety systems. Students will learn about these safety systems and how to operate a motor vehicle in a manner to take full advantage of these systems.

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