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What People Are Saying

Our son just graduated your course last week. He loved it. Thank you so much for providing such an interesting, fun and educational program.

Carrie - August 7, 2014

I wanted to let you all know that I really enjoyed all of the classes & you all do a great job. All of the "Hands On" activities help make the learning easier while having fun. The Simulator exercise was awesome and I definitely WON'T be Texting or Driving Impaired while driving. Thanks again for the GREAT learning experience.

Hunter - March 27, 2014

Drive With Cops educators are active or retired Police Officers. As Police Officers, traffic enforcement is a fundamental, yet important function of our role. Having this unique experience allows us to pass on our knowledge of traffic laws, driving tactics, and provide real-life examples of how poor driving tactics result in a range of consequences from minor to tragic.